Looking for entry level online HTML and CSS opportunities for Canadians

Hello world!

Fairly new to the Codecademy family but super happy to be here!

I started my journey in coding because not only have I been looking for a career that allows me to travel while still working but I’ve always had a creative eye and would love to eventually learn more languages, how to make apps and build full websites!
I started by completing both the HTML and CSS courses and have made the Dasmoto webite fairly easily and feel confident heading into Java Script as I am about to start that part of the web development path.

My question is: where can I find full time entry-level job postings writing HTML and CSS working ONLINE in Canada so I can be practicing and earning a liveable wage in this field while I keep up with my courses here and lay a foundation for a freelancing career (as there are not a lot of in person code writing jobs in the small city I live in).

Thanks for everyones feedback it is greatly appreciated!

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