Looking For Dream Partner

Hello Codecademy community
As I started the Codecademy path I felt so happy and ready but for a lot of reasons I felt lazy, learning how to code alone so tiring so I’m thinking about trying pair programming with a partner that we will achieve all the goals together, if many then one partner is interested we can make a team and pair each other and make meetings every day this will help us to move on fast and learn from each other more, being more creative, being more socialized and being ready for any job meeting
if anyone is interested, I’m here

Hi there.

Perhaps you’d benefit from joining our Discord server?


Hey @core0961131114! Like @thepitycoder suggested, our discord server is the place to go and find a code buddy! We just reached 3000 members and I’m sure someone there is also looking for a code buddy! I recommend you ask in the code-buddies channel.

Another option would be to join one of the Codecademy Chapters and attend a meetup!

Check out this post to find out how two community members connected in a past meetup, decided to be code buddies, and now they host a Codecademy Chapter together –pretty cool!