Looking for cool gamers


game on fellas

hi xxyesdsfSDFsdF

this sounds like a yes. if under ten then please come around to my house for a code-a-thon.

game on.

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whats ur asl xxxxxxxxx

S n a z z y. ill contact u now x

cool, im asking for my son you see. he need frend since he no leg and onlee half a hart. xxxxx

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wayt, I onlie habe harf a hart. maybee I am???!? do u have meningitis in ur hart like I do cos now I have to haf metal hackable heart yes x

i have no spine it bent tho maybe ur suns hart and my own can combine to be one big throbbing one.

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that’s sounds likes a good plan x

meet me at sherdley at 3:15 or is that to late 4u x

yes i hav lotsw of enrichment to do as well as bewst and seckure. :slight_smile: xx

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yes I see lern speling mateyo ey’? an I aked mymum an she saided that 3:15 is too layt x.
help x

ar u deds? plese riply

argh my hart it hurts oh no im on flor help eugh!11!Β¬!

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oh no il ring the amberlance ye? xxxx