Looking for collaborators to join our Reddit project!

Hello! :wave:

I have teamed up with one other learner on the Front-End path for the Reddit Client Portfolio Project - and we are looking for one or two more collaborators.

:woman_office_worker: Project Description:

We are thinking outside-the-box on this one. This will not be another “mini-reddit” clone.

Right now it is nicknamed “Daily Dashboard”

It will be:

  • Mobile-first by design
  • Display 1-3 choice Reddit posts that expand on tap/click
  • Use other APIs to display components such as local weather, motivating quote, joke of the day, today in history, etc.
  • Local storage components such as notes, to-do list, emotional well-being check-in.
  • Different themes based on local time-of-day

:bar_chart: Currently:

We are still at the brainstorming and planning stage. The first steps will be wireframing, implementing the Reddit component functionality (this may be the most challenging piece), and then other features.

:face_with_monocle: Where do I fit?

We are looking for anyone on the Front-End or Full-Stack career path who is excited about this project, and would like to contribute with one or many aspects of the project.

If you want to focus in just one or two areas, that’s fine! Some of the parts you could focus on are:

  • Unit testing (jest)
  • End-to-end tests
  • Styling (we are open to Tailwind, CSS-in-JS, Emotion, etc)
  • Accessibility
  • Choose your own React / Redux components from the above features

:handshake: Let’s collaborate!

You are not on your own. However you contribute, we will all help each other.

Send me a DM in the forums here, I am also active on the Codecademy Discord (username jimmypants, display name James)

Cheers :fist_right: :fist_left:


I am so excited about this! :smiley:

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This sounds interesting. I’m not sure where I could fit in it but I’d be happy to contribute something. I’m working my way toward the end of the front-end path so I may be a bit green for a project like this but if I can help I’d be happy to.

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We would love to have you! We are in the planning stage, so the tasks will be determined and you can take on as much as you like where you feel like you can make contributions. I will be in touch on Discord.

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Hey @jameskeezer, this is a great idea to practice! I am also on the Front End Path and have some experience with React and UI design. I have read that you already started the project. Is it too late to join? :star_struck:

Hey @cslylla! We have a group of 5 and are working toward our alpha release. We will post an update on our project soon.

I still have the final “open ended” project to do for the Front-End path, so if you are interested, I will ping you when I’m ready to get started with that!

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Yes, please share your project! I would love to see what you are working on!

Okay, that sounds good too! Let me know when you are ideating for your final project!

Hey @jameskeezer! :slight_smile: If you need help with creating the docs for your project, let me know, so I can help! :slight_smile:

hello am 15 years old and am intersting in codeing