Looking for another Pythonista (London, UK)

Hello wonderful community and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

I’ve got a project on the table. It’s mostly Python. I’m taking care of web application but I’d like to buddy up with someone who is willing to learn Kivy framework (mobile app) for the project. The project will be receiving funding soon and I’m looking to turn it into a startup. At the moment I’d like to buddy up with another passionate Pythonista. Doesn’t matter your age or your gender. I’d love to work with someone who can’t go 2 days without writing some Python code.
For starters we can get together, get to know each other in a coffee place. At this point I’m not offering
a paid job, though it can come to that at some point. At this point I’m offering friendship, support and my passion to make things happen.

This is for Londoners only. I’m aware remote work is common but I’m not merely interested in your code. I’m interested in

I don’t visit this forum often so please contact me on Telegram if you’re interested in pushing your Python to another level. My username is coding_hedgehog.

Have a blessed year !