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I come back after a few months on the codecademy website to continue the Javascript courses (complete somewhere at 15%).
To my surprise, I noticed for the second time that everything I’ve done through in HTML & CSS lessons is no longer exist … and I no longer appears complete, although it was covered 100%, the same for Javascript…

What can I do in this case? in the ideea that I can not recapitulate, something I have already completed and continue the Javascript lessons.

I want to mension that I have two accounts, I checked both of them, but the same result.

Help me please, with this case.

Thank you.

the courses where updated, which affected progress. So i am afraid that your progress is lost. Codecademy tried to communicate this through as many channels as possible (blog, a warning in the courses it applied to, maybe even email)

On the other hand, the new courses contain new content, which is great, so re-taking the courses, you will learn new things. And practicing things you already know never hurts


Thank you for your prompt reply,

I will start the javascript chapter, hoping it will not be change until I finish it.

wish you the best.

make sure you get the right JS course:


this one teaches es6

Not very likely it will change, it just got an update