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Hi, guys. I’ve learning html/css for around two weeks.
I’m feeling quite overwhelmed by how hard css is now. What do you think I should do or any advices on this? How did you develop your css skills or what helped you get better?
I left feeling quite confident after finishing basic html but it was the opposite with css, for instance, when I see a website now, I can see how to build a html file (even though it’s basic), but I have no clue whatsoever write a css file.
I went over one more time on css course and succeeded on a few projects but not really much.
Should I just keep continuing with review the css lessons?

In general I’d say keep going with the lessons and projects and even if you can’t find the answer by yourself, look at the solution and try to understand how it was reached.

Is there anything in particular you are having trouble with?


Hi @chip3459749859, so keep taking classes, css is your formatting tool for your html file, and there are a lot of cool things you can do like animations, flex, grid, etc. Keep going and you will find one that fit’s your style, like i hated flex and then loved it (once I got it to work),


I’d say that, by the nature of HTML being the structure of the page and CSS dictating the aesthetics, CSS is naturally more complex than HTML.

There’s a finite number of building blocks that you can assemble into an HTML page and, especially thanks to frameworks like Bootstrap, quite a lot of pages have recognisable layout patterns etc.

How the page looks - in terms of colours, typefaces, sizing… - is much more variable and there’s more scope for customisation, so CSS from one site to another will vary much more than the HTML.

If you’re comfortable with HTML, but not the CSS so much, perhaps you’d get some value from sketching out a design for a page and then see if you can implement it in HTML/CSS. As you get more comfortable with it, you can start experimenting with more complex designs.

Ultimately, the best way to get to grips with CSS is to play about with it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice!
Other than reviewing lessons, did you do anything else? Apply CSS rules somewhere or did intermediate or depth-in course?

@chip3459749859 Did you do all these classes?

I use MDN a lot, anytime I see a cool website, I will inspect it (Dev Tools) then go to MDN and see the rules. What makes it cool, animation, hover rules, color, font,

have you tried code pen?


Thanks for all the tips! Now, I feel like I’m heading somewhere.
I have only finished basic and responsive css and I reckon that’s why I was struggling so much.
Also, I went to MDN and it really opened up my horizon!
Yes, I have tried Code pen and I guess it’s better than to write a code on vs code to see how the layout changes immediately.
Thanks again, Max! You really saved my life.

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