Looking for advice on where to go from here

Hi there,

So I just completed the build websites from scratch course and I feel relatively confident in my ability in HTML and CSS. That last week introduction however really stumped me. It was just so much information in so little time and it kinda freaked me out.

Basically I’m hoping to try and become full stack and I really really want to learn solidity. But right now I’m not sure which way to go.

The other thing that is worrying me somewhat is the maths appearing in JavaScript. I haven’t had to use maths for a while and I will need to really pick it up again. But at this point is most back-end development languages based around maths?

I assume I have to learn JavaScript and Jquery to do anything development-wise, so should I really nail JavaScript first? and should I learn Python after that? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Maths can even appear in CSS? If you want to use grid, you will have do maths. But for web development, the maths should be basic.

back-end development is not based around maths, but there might be some maths involved, yes.

well, html & css only makes static webpages. This is possible, but then you are going into graphical design area, for which a lot of drag and drop tools exist.

Nailing Javascript is a challenge, the language specifications for JS es7 are a whooping 885 pages!! But learning javascript is certainly a viable choice


Thats for the reply!

I was talking about when things head towards algebra, thats what I was afraid of. So I’m going to really try and get a good grasp of JavaScript but where do you think I should go from there? Is Python a good option for if I’m looking at a career in Development?

If you want to make video games, then yes, you need algebra.

Python is certainly in demand, but don’t focus too much on learning a language. Learning to design solutions is more important. Once you are programming for a while, picking up new languages becomes easier.

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