Looking for a workspace ? Suggestions welcome!

I would like a to have a general workspace where I can create and test what I’m learning in HTML, JS, CSS. Somewhere outside of the CodeAcademy console where I can jot down notes, throw in random lines of code, etc to play around with.

I’ve only taken basic courses (Learn HTML, Learn CSS, and am currently in Learn JavaScript), so I haven’t gotten to the point where I know how/where to build a website to test/actually create.


There’s a couple options I’d suggest:

  1. Replit is an online IDE that’s pretty good → https://replit.com/
  2. Codecademy has some fairly new, very beginner friendly, workspaces you can edit in →

That said, you can also setup and install something like VSCode and work on projects locally, which is what I’d probably recommend as it’ll give you good practise working independantly on off-site projects to an even greater extent than something online. Paired with something like the live preview extension it can be very powerful (although not as beginner friendly) → https://code.visualstudio.com/. :smile:


For note taking, sometimes I just put comments in the code and copy that for my notes. Everyone has their own method of note taking. There’s a discussion here from prior forum post on note taking.


Codecademy also has a template on Notion that lets you organize your notes and resources. I haven’t used it but it does look cool. (It’s free for individuals with limited features.)

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