Looking for a Partner - Beginner going on Front-End Career Path

Hey Codecademy forum!

i’ve started on my journey to become a software developer and wondered if anyone would like to partner up in order to build some accountability and a support network.

About myself
I am 29 year old male from the UK. I am autistic, have ADHD and have often struggled in educational institutions when I was younger but still managed to get to university and get a BSc in something i’d never use. due to my autistic tendencies i’m not a super sociable person & find it hard to make friends. Many career paths i’ve tried to go down have been in conflict with my tendencies, rather than supportive and nurturing leading to job dissatisfaction. An friend of mine suggested trying software development as a possible career path as there are many options within the industry to work remotely, in small teams and with great supportive networks.
My Current Progress
I’ve currently been going through the front-end development career path and are currently working through the CSS syllabus. So i’m still very much in the beginning stages.
Ideal Partner
I’m looking for someone who will encourage me to maintain a schedule and check through any potential apps that I build, although I don’t feel like i’m at the app building stage. In return I can offer encouragement, accountability and possible advice.
My Schedule
I work part-time currently and mainly evening work (3-11pm) , 3 day per week. However, sometimes work more than this when the business demands change. I usually start coding/learning at 8am each day and aim to do a minimum of 2 hours per day on work days, and 4+ on days off.

If anyone would like to partner up then please let me know :slight_smile:


hey, mega would you like to collab with me? I am kalpesh Parmar I am a final year student of Information technology. I have excellent knowledge of frontend development and currently, I am learning reactjs . so my knowledge is also helpful for you speedup your journey


We can collaborate I’m also learning react JS.
and Have done few proects in HTML CSS & JS.

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Hey Mega, I hope you are doing well I’m also looking for a partner I am currently at 35% Front-end career path and I just build some mini projects with HTML, CSS, JS and we can work together.