Looking for a mentor in programming and data science

Hello, I just started to do the career path to data science on codecademy and I realized that it gets really though over the time and I could learn a lot faster and easier if I had someone that I could ask specific questions and that would help me get trough the whole learning process. I’m just done to do things on my own in general and I would love to team up with someone!

Just let me know if you are interested in mentoring a complete newbie :slight_smile:

Kind regards

This forum exists as a resource to help people along their learning process. Any questions you have about code/coding concepts, drop them here. Also, you could check out the CC discord community.(“Chat” link above) There are DS and DA channels there with other learners who have coding questions.

Learning to code isn’t a fast or easy experience. It’s difficult and frustrating at times. It’s a process that takes time, repetition, and practice. Everyone learns at their own pace so don’t compare yourself to others either.