Looking for a friend SERIOUS about coding (Ruby)

Hello guys, I’m Josh.
If anybody is interested I’m looking for a study buddy or accountability partner to help each other learn along the way. I’m a very friendly and non-pedo person, I don’t care what age or gender. I have no intentions but to have a coding friend/learning partner and someone to possibly make projects with! If you’re interested please let me know asap :smile:

Me me me ! I am a newbie !!! hopefully we can help each other ! but i am still stuck in level one , html and CSS !

Hey Emily! The issue is I’m currently learning Ruby :confused:

I will join you when i finish html !! and css !!!
please add me ! I am self learning right now ! :joy:

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Here this is really old school but email me (jminchew97@gmail.com)

Hey Josh, my name is Katya and I am currently learning Ruby. I would love to have a study buddy:) How far are you? I am working with loops.