Look at all changes

Wow its weird to come back to Codecademy. I started programming with Codecademy in 2012 and, man, have things ever changed so much from that first day I started coding. Right now I’m looking at the new Codecademy Pro and its so strange to think that when I started coding, this didn’t exist. I remember when I got this error on the dashboard: looks for two days for screenshot welp I don’t have that anymore but there is this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather interesting thing there :smiley:
But basically this is amazing. Codecademy has come so far from where they started. I love this program and will never leave.
Oh! Speaking of which tho, CODECADEMY WHY ON EARTH DID YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE HIDDEN COURSES!!! Actually I learned a ton from those old courses and it was kinda annoying for them to be removed along with codebits. But, new times warrant new changes so its probably for the better :laughing:

Welp :clinking_glasses: to new times. Lets make Codecademy even better then before