London weather dataset

I’m working on the Learn Statistics With Python, Variance in Weather project, and I’d like to do so offline, but need help getting the dataset. It’s also the same dataset (I think) as Variance in Weather in R

I’ve tried copy/pasting the .p and .py files provided, but it’s mostly unreadable characters, and significantly slows down my computer. I’ve looked online to see if anyone has uploaded it in an easier format (.csv) and can’t find that either.

Can anyone help me get this dataset?

I think it’s from wunderground (it’s about the right format) but a specific station in London. There’s a brief guide on scraping such data at Wunderground Data with Python Pandas & Seaborn | Shane Lynn (as with any scraping be nice and double check t’s&c’s just in case). You could arguably also export to a csv and copy that instead (possibly as slow).


Thanks so much for the link. This webscaping stuff is fascinating!

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Tim gives good advice, re: scraping. Terms and Conditions are a big part of it, but also who you share it with. If it is for one’s own use, for educational purposes, then one might expect at worst a slap on the wrist. If it is made public over the internet or in some other publication, then the matter becomes very serious, indeed. Infringement doesn’t count the number items, but the number of times they’ve been shared. If there are 10_000 hits on the page, that is 10_000 infractions.

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