How do I logout of my codecademy account after I am done with the site so that I specifically DO NOT STAY LOGGED IN? I’d love for a moderator or someone to explain and show me just how to do exactly that. Thanks.

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Hi @thewildnative,

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then click Log Out. This should keep you logged out until you deliberately log in again. Or, would you like to delete your account? There’s an article explaining how to do that in the Codecademy helpdesk.

Hi zystvan, first of all, thanks for replying. It sounds like you’re referring to THIS forum Website of which to logout from. Remember this “Codecademy FORUM” website is completely separate from the actual “Codecademy WEBSITE” where all the tutorial lessons are, and of which i am asking about.
Obviously, in this day and age, where logins are required to use a site’s services, there is also provided, just as obvious, a typical way of logging out. That is, commonly found in a menu format with either icons, or a drop-down list that is located either at the top (or bottom)-left, or top (or bottom) -right, of a perhaps never disappearing navigation bar. You know, a bar to navigate with, especially to logout. But even if there is a non-conventional method that “www.codecademy.com” now uses to logout users, it’s not user-friendly enough to be efficiently found. Unless of course should i dare to say, that there deliberately isn’t one, anymore.

The images below show what i see when i try to find a way to logout from the site header and the footer areas. The “codecademy logo” on the top left brings me back to where the “Learn” link on the right directs me to. And it wouldn’t make sense for the “Upgrade to Pro” link to logout an interested user, but i checked and it’s not helpful either. Nor does the “Catalog” link have a logout function on the page, not even in the footer area. The only pop-out menu is the “Notifications”, which as you can see, has nothing as well.

Let me Clarify just one more time. How do i logout of my account on “https://www.codecademy.com/learn”? Not delete my account. I used to use the site a whole lot before and consistently logged out when leaving the site.
So if you or someone else can help me with this, i’d appreciate the crap out you (or someone helpful).

Odd, you don’t seem to have your picture at the top right corner (Beside the bell). But try clicking there anyways.

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@thewildnative Yes, I know the forums and main site are different, but the method I described works for either.

However, it appears that your profile picture on Codecademy isn’t showing up. If you wish, you can visit https://www.codecademy.com/sign_out directly, but you should be able to view your profile picture. If you click to the right of the notification bell anyway, does the menu appear?

Woops, didn’t see @datfatcat’s reply in time.

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Thank you zystvan and datfatcat. You are both awesome. Thank you so much for your precious time and help.

Yes, you’re both right. Why i didn’t swing my mouse cursor over that far to see it turn into link-clickable hand-icon is beyond me. There seems to be a dedicated icon with a drop-down menu containing the logout link. It was pretty invisible and seemed to be just empty space. I just edited my profile pic and it shouldn’t seem empty anymore.
Feel dumb for that.

Thanks guys.


I am facing the same problem.

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