Login on every visit

Every time I visit codecademy I’m logged out and have to enter my email to log-in, where my password is for some reason populated. Why is my login not remembered? Courses are great and you guys are supposed to be experts and yet you can’t make such a basic website functiononality?

Hi @exelz,

I haven’t heard of this problem before. Are you visiting Codecademy in a private or incognito window?

Also, do you have any browser settings or extensions that might be interfering with it? I know that the major browsers allow you to clear cookies each time you restart the browser, which might be part of the problem.

I am experiencing the exact same problem with firefox 46, the problem is only for the codecademy main site (forum and other sites remember it fine)

@stetim94 Interesting. I’m using Firefox as well (48.0a2), and not having any trouble at all with it.

Does it happen if you use Chrome?

the problem only happens when i restart the browser, but the rest of the sites will keep the login, i will try chrome, thanks :slight_smile:

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@zystvan @stetim94 It works fine on my mac’s chrome and safari even when I restart it it still remembers.

hm… weird, seems to be a problem with firefox and the cookie i guess

@bostonstrong22 But it is happening on Firefox for you?

If you don’t have anything important stored, you could try resetting Firefox and see if that fixes it.

It also works fine on firefox

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Always been like this for me, using Chrome. barely any extensions, this is the only site it happens on.
Have reset Chrome and reinstalled several times during the years.

Using safari - same issue. can be hard to move on in my course because I will complete things and my progress will not be saved (however my code is thankfully). my account is thru facebook, I don’t know if that would have any impact (my facebook stays logged in). I disabled uBlock and content blockers, am allowing cookies, popups, and website tracking.