Logical operators


hi guys,

this is the code that i have created for this excercise, the 1st 2 if/else work fine but the last one seems to be off, i cant get it to output the 1st console.log. no matter what combination of yes and no, i get the last console.log.

can you see where i am going wrong??

var user = prompt("You are walking downtown minding your own business, when a masked mad man jumps out on you. What do you do? RUN, FIGHT or GIVE UP?").toUpperCase();

switch(user) {
    case 'RUN':
        var fast = prompt("Are you a fast runner? (YES or NO)").toUpperCase();      
        var legs = prompt("Have you got strong legs?").toUpperCase();
        if (fast === 'YES' || legs === 'YES'){
            console.log("He was running after you, but you got away swiftly ");
            } else{
                console.log("Your a goner!!");
    case 'FIGHT':
        var fist = prompt ("Have you fought before? (YES or NO)").toUpperCase();
        var damage = prompt ("Are you ready to do some serious damage?");
        if (fist === 'YES' || damage === 'YES'){
            console.log("You beat him up and rob him for what he's got. Oh that's a nice watch.");
            } else {
                console.log("He robbed you and killed you!");
    case 'GIVE UP':
        var give = prompt("Are you sure you want to hand over everything to him?");
        var up = prompt ("You don't want to run?");
        if (give === 'YES'&& up === 'NO'){
            console.log ("He took your stuff, laughed and broke your nose!");
            } else{
        console.log("If your not picking a option, my advice is to run!!");


if you then specify which one that is, first and second and such terms are vague (it is your code, you know it, we don't know it that well)

which one you can't get? this one:

console.log ("He took your stuff, laughed and broke your nose!");

you can get it, but you have to enter YES and NO in uppercase, since you don't do a .uppercase() after the prompt


thank you i didnt realise i missed out the .uppercase()