Logical Operators. Invalid Left-hand Side in Assignment


It keeps saying "ReferenceError: Invalid left-hand side in assignment. I have know idea what that means! Here's my code.

var user = prompt("You're driving into a strange town in the middle of the desert. Locals are gathered on the sidewalk, looking at you as you pass. They don't look very nice. In fact, it looks like they're getting ready to attack you. Do you stop and say HELLO, do you keep DRIVING, or do you wave your GUN at them and hope they'll go away?").toUpperCase();

switch(user) {
case 'HELLO':
var slick = prompt("Okay, you're resorting to diplomacy first. But are you verbally slick enough to convince them not to attack (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
var lookTough = prompt("Having a smooth tongue is one thing, but do you look tough enough to discourage being messed with (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
if(slick === 'YES' && lookTough === 'YES') {
console.log("They think you're alright. Now you best be going.");
} else {
console.log("Uh-oh. Either they think you're an easy target or you said something to piss them off. They pull you from your car and beat you unconscious before you can escape. What happens next will be very, very bad.");
case 'DRIVING':
var skilled = prompt("Are you skilled at getaway driving (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
var fastCar = prompt("Do you have a fast car (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
if(skilled === 'YES' && fastCar = 'YES') {
console.log("You got away! You're on the open highway, and they don't seem to be following. Keep driving until you get to a town where you don't have to worry about being murdered by the locals.");
} else if(skilled === 'NO' && fastCar = 'YES') {
console.log("Well, you got off to a good start, but you made a wrong turn into a dead end. You try to back out and turn around but they've hemmed you in with their monster trucks. You check your cell phone but you don't have one single bar of reception. They're closing in. No one will know what's about to happen to you.");
} else {
("You put the pedal to the metal but you don't get far. They get in their monster trucks and catch up with you and run you off the road. You don't want to know what happens next, but you'll soon find out.");
case 'GUN':
var readyShoot = prompt("Pulling a gun is one thing. Are you ready to actually use it (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
var goodShot = prompt("Are you a good shot (YES or NO)?").toUpperCase();
if(readyShoot === 'YES' || goodShot === 'YES') {
console.log("Well, you pulled your gun, and they pulled theirs. 567 rounds later, all from their side, your bullet-riddled corpse is hoisted up at the town entrance as a warning to others.");
} else {
console.log("Well, that was a bad move. No one will never know what happened to you.");
console.log("Uh, I'm afraid that" + user + "isn't an option. You'd better think of something, fast!);


Look here:

and here:

For fastCar you are using one "=" instead of "===".

Also add console.log before the parenthesis here:

And close the quotes here:

like that:

console.log("Uh, I'm afraid that" + user + "isn't an option.  You'd better think of something, fast!");


Hey, thanks! That'll teach me to debug harder on my own. I should've caught those myself, I reckon.