Logging Information from an app to your own app

hi there,

I was wondering whether I am able to log information to my own app. Let’s say that I was going to get the time that I have tracked on a time tracking app and want to input that into my own app for record purposes. Is that possible and how is that possible?

I want to get information from different apps to input it into my own app. Please enlighten me as to how I can do this. Thank you.


What context are you referring to? Js+framework? C++ app?

I would first look to see if there’s an existing library (unless you want to write your own logger :slight_smile: ) that’s popular. In the case for JS, that could be something like Pino: GitHub - pinojs/pino: 🌲 super fast, all natural json logger
Then the next question is how you want to store this data. Raw files? Database entries?

And now you have have your logging!

Additionally you might want to have something that can visualize your logs or alert you when certain conditions are met.

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database entries would do really well.