Log the last line of an object whatever



Hi! Do I mess up something, if the last line is always loggod on the console, whatever the actual task is? It happens when I create an object. No error message.

var friends = new Object();
    friends.bill = new Object();
        friends.bill.firstName = "Bill";
        friends.bill.lastName = "Nagy";
        friends.bill.number = "1234";
        friends.bill.address = ['1','Egyenes utca','Budapest'];
    friends.steve = new Object();
        friends.steve.firstName = "Steve";
        friends.steve.lastName = "Kiss";
        friends.steve.number = "4321"
        friends.steve.address = ['2','Ferde utca','Szolnok'];
    friends.petyu = new Object();
        friends.petyu.firstName = "Petyu";
        friends.petyu.lastName = "Kovacs";
        friends.petyu.number = "1324";
        friends.petyu.address = ['3','Cikkcakk utca','Debrecen'];


no, you didn't mess up anything. More consoles have this behaviour. It is fine.


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