Log in option right away instead of sign up


I’ve a suggestion.
Every time I enter the site, when I want to
login, I’ve to press the button “log in” because the first page it’s for
create a new account. Why don’t inverse the first page to the login
page? So I can enter more fast in the courses page. :wink:

Felipe Thomas

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Even though it only takes 3 seconds, you’re right. It makes more sense. I’m guessing that maybe it was to make it easier for new users to sign up?

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Hello supergirl.

Yeah, it’s just 3 seconds or less,you’re right, and you are right when say it’s make easier for new users. But the pattern in others sites it’s the login in first page, and sign up after, because there are much more logins request than sign up request,I think.

Sorry for the late reply.

A really interesting option would be to have the “same” form for login and signup, since they both have only two fields. This could be done by checking if the user’s email is already taken, then automatically switching out the two forms if it is taken and having it be a login form instead of a signup form which it is by default.
This actually wouldn’t be very hard to do, and it would be much nicer in some ways.
Of course, it would have some disadvantages too, but it might still be worth it.

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It’s a good idea. Save time. :grinning:

yeah, I like that idea. But what if you wanted to have several accounts on one email?

@supergirl427 Having multiple accounts on one email address isn’t currently possible, so doing it the way I suggested won’t change anything.

You’re right, I just tried to make another account to test it, they really should consider changing it. It’s only a minor change, but kinda useful.

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It might be somewhat useful, but it would be really hard to implement, and there would probably be security concerns and stuff.

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