Lodash project

I am attempting to start the lodash project but am getting an error 'ReferenceError: _ is not defined… right off the bat at step two. I have followed the instructions and done exactly what she did in the YouTube example. I want to dig into the project but I want to make sure it’s going to work before I do too much. Any suggestions would be super appreciated!

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I have issues as well. Typing node _.js into the terminal yielded error…

I think that my problem was simply that I was not saving my code before trying to run it in the node window because it seems to be working now.


Mine is still not working :frowning:

The error message is different from yours. It says Syntax error: unexpected identifier.

I hope you have figured your issue out! Unfortunately you are the only person that even responded to my thread so I don’t even know anyone else to direct you towards.

If you do not have JavaScript in your repertoire, then put this project to the side and take the JS track. If you have the JS experience expected in this project, then you don’t need the video, do you?

I came to the project via the Web Development track as part of the JS track… I figured out my problem although I do believe this program was slightly advanced for me as I had to use the video quite a bit! I have little background in programming other than a introduction to Data Analytics class in college where we learned basic python but I have been flying through the courses on here on Codecademy and I believe that is becoming an obstacle because its difficult to retain such a vast amount of information as quickly as I’m completing the lessons. I am debating about starting the JS over as a review and hoping by time I get caught up to where I am at again I will have retained more the second time around. Most of my problems tend to be tiny syntax issues. But thank you very much for your response!

Expect a lot to fall by the wayside if you are learning in two language environments at the same time. Find a way to separate the two. JS on M, T, W, and Python on T, F, S, and a day off to do some reading on one or the other on S.

Look for commonalities, and note the differences. Don’t expect to learn from code you see, but from code you write and labor over.

I have definitely noticed many similarities between them! The differences so far seem to be mostly in syntax. I have even found that when I get stuck in one and take a break from it and work on the other, I have much more success figuring
the first problem out. I’m kind of torn because I am a construction manufacturing worker and a returning adult college student graduating in December and I am considering the Data Analytics Masters program. Part of me thinks I should just focus on python
and do the Data Science path on Codecademy, but I am more interested and having more fun with the Web Development. I have been told that Data Analytics is an incredible field to get into right now by many, many people, and at my University I have been told
that job placement is essentially 100% and pays very well. I live in a pretty rural area, almost 2 hours from the closest city (Pittsburgh) and ultimately I just want to find a career where I can work remote. Anyways, thank you very much for the advice!


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You’re welcome!

Construction and data analytics have a common node, statics and strengths. Peek into this if it is something that interests you. Hope you’re informed in Physics.

Don’t listen to others. Listen to yourself. Leverage your skills and aims. Make what you work for work for you. Be invested.

What was your solution? I am having the same problem.

Ignore my question. I have seen your solution.

It’s working for Me too. After I created a empty object from task nr.1 i just pressed ctr+Enter and then run the command, all worked