Lodash project freak-out

What’s the purpose of that project? To show future web developers that they are capable of writing their own libraries? That’s nice, but does this project really have to be this long and tedious?

I mean, there are 43 (!!!) steps needed to complete the project, every single one of them is a task to re-create already exsisting (in lodash library) utility method, such as .clamp() or .words() or .chunk(). What the heck? I don’t even know where to use all of that utility stuff, most of which I can either write in vanila js with ease, or just * here come the drums * import from lodash library.

Please, do hear my feedback - that’s probably the most boring and tiring way to introduce new library to students. Sure, that’s only my opinion…

Maybe you should create a separate mini-course for lodash/underscore? lodash is obsolete, so it’s fairly understandable why it doesn’t deserve it’s own course, but it is still not a great idea to dump it all in a single project right at the end of Javascript course.

Sorry for all that frustration, but it felt right for me to notice.

Hello, @islebeegun.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. Personally, I enjoyed the Re-creating the Lodash Library project. I liked coming up with my own ways of recreating the fuctions. It was also good practice for thinking through how to develop programming solutions to real tasks. Happy coding!



Showing the way of creating a library on your own is a great idea, I admit

What bothers me is the approach. As for me, mentioned project was way too long. I see no need in partial re-creation of popular library, as it doesn’t bring much to the table - if I have to save some time, I’ll implement lodash/underscore but not re-create it.

I guess it would have been better if they either provided smaller project deticated mainly for usage of re-created functions, or if they provided major introduction to some modern popular library. It looks like their intention was to kill two birds with one stone (to show the capability of re-creating and to introduce students to lodash), but that didn’t work well for me due to frustration caused by huge size and simplicity of the project.

I also have to notice, that all of that is my personal experience. I’m sure that many students will find this project helpful and interesting, and that’s great. But maybe there is a way to split this project into two separate projects:

  1. Writing your own library and using it in some benefitial way.
  2. Lodash walktrough project.

Both of those will be much shorter, thus easier to learn. For people like me, who already used to write personal utility libraries in other languages, separate lodash tutorial would be much more interesting, and they could still keep that part where they explain the way of creating personal library, which is great for beginners.

Enjoy the rest of your day and Cheers! :grin:

good example of creating useful personal library (RegEx email validator): https://youtu.be/LimOOe6I4eo

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I very much enjoyed the exercise as it challenged me to think on how to tackle different kind of problems. And yes it took me some time but I was quite happy when I finished it :smiley: