Lodash Project Difficulty

alright… so:

project link is here

      inRange(number, startValue, endValue) {
        if(endValue === null) {
          endValue = startValue;
          startValue = 0;
        if(startValue > endValue) {
          let temp = endValue;
          endValue = startValue;
          startValue = temp;
        if(startValue <= number && number < endValue) {
          return true;
        } else { 
          return false;

I just included the inRange function code that is giving me an issue.

My issue is that the first portion of the function, which is supposed to replace endValue with startValue, and use 0 in place of startValue, is not working properly, and failing the test in the built in environment.

the code isn’t popping any other errors, and doesn’t give me any other hints if i pull it out to VS Code, unfortunately. help?

i actually solved it as soon as i posted this.

I’ll give the hint that one word is incorrect, for anyone who reaches this point with the same code I had.

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