Lodash Library; dropWhile predicate function

In the Lodash Library exercises, "Implement _.dropWhile() ", step 35, bullet 2:
“The supplied predicate function takes three arguments: the current element, the current element index, and the whole array”.

What is this predicate function and where is it kept?
It seems sort of central to the exercise.


If you are to make a function that adds two numbers, you don’t get to ask “which numbers will I receive?”
Use what you receive, regardless of which it is.
The whole point of having a parameter for it is so that it can be different things.

I think you missed a teaching opportunity. While what you said is true, it would have been better to explain the predicate function was being provided in the test case for dropWhile() in drop -while.js. It would be nice if that were part of the instructions for dropWhile() in the lodash project. Even better, provide the predicate functions the test cases are using. It appears a lot of students are not familiar with findIndex. The MDN documentation provides examples where the callback function is defined separately and one inline function example, so there is no confusion. I like to use my VS Code to step thru the code. Having the predicate function would be nice. I learn a lot from doing this.