Localhost page is not working

I’m working on Learn ReactJS: Part I course but for some reason the localhost page is not working and is not showing anything.fail

Have you tried refreshing the entire webpage/lesson?

Yes, I tried doing that a lot…

you could attempt to switch browser.

I tried to use IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera…

When I connected to the mobile hotspot it worked fine. Does my network has any restrictions that I should allow.

yes, you need to ensure these domains are allowed:

Firewall Blocking Students from Accessing Codecademy - #2 by zystvan

there should be a help page about this

I tried that but it didn’t work also

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I currently have that same thing as of right now (11-4-19) it was working earlier in the day but as I got home ready to learn and nada already refreshed checked if server is down and all permissions are allowed cause it was working earlier and im on the trail thing so want to learn really fast

Try changing your DNS settings to google DNS server

In your Windows Operating System
Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections
Right Click on your Network adapter in my case (Wi-Fi) and Choose Properties
Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties button
then select Use the following DNS server addresses option and set it as follows
Preferred DSN server:
Alternate DNS server:
Press OK

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thanks bro this step helped me