Localhost not laoding


I am finding that the in-lesson web browser does not load anything. On rare occasions it does load, but usually I simply get white space. There are no error messages so I am unsure if this is an issue at my end or the codecademy end. Would anyone be able to give any advise?

Can you please include a link?
What web browser are you using?
Is that all your code?

Current lesson link is: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/build-python-web-apps-with-django/tracks/views-in-django/modules/django-writing-more-views/lessons/django-views/exercises/crud-through-class-based-views

I am using Google Chrome, but I have also tested on MS Edge.

That is the default code that is supplied with the lesson. I made no changes. This is a recurring issue across multiple lessons, sometimes the page loads when I first start the lesson, but rarely after that.

I’m not sure anything is supposed to appear in that window if you haven’t saved or run any code.

I’m not sure this will help, but try:

If it doesn’t help, fill out this form for CS: