I'm writing html code, but when I wanted to running the program, the right screen is not working. It says localhost: 8000. Why is that? please help you because I am eager to learn html.

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Basically localhost (or the IP address is a way to make your computer do things your could usually only do with a server. 8000 is a port number (not to be confused with physical ports). It allows multiple devices to use localhost, similar to how an extension on a phone line lets multiple people make calls on one phone line. If you don't say a port number it will jus go to a default one.

Usually HTML doesn't need localhost, because it doesn't need a server. Localhost is mostly for using backend languages like PHP/Ruby/SQL on your computer. It seems a little odd to me for codecademy to use it for HTML, but I'm guessing codecademy is using Ruby to do some logic like checking your code for errors.


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