Localhost:8000 - Not Found



I'm always received this message so none of the pages from the tests loads for me.
I saw a lot of issues related to this but none of them seems to resolve it...
Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?


Hi @blogninja65547,

This seems like a bug. If you're sure that you are visiting the correct URL, please report the issue through the form beneath the instructions on the left.


Hi i am having the same problem


@trentlittle1 I don't know of any solutions right now, but please make sure you've reported the issue as well.


Its "Not Found" until you definethe route.. but some problems my influence your results.. did you made yoursel the "pages_controller.rb"?? If so, reset the exercise and read the instructions bellow:

The solution is put these 2 lines in the final of GEMFILE at root directory:

gem 'tzinfo'
gem 'tzinfo-data'


and only then do this, run bundle install.. if pages_controller.rb (or any file) dont appear in file navigator, you should refresh the page.

localhost:8000 shows "not find" until you configure the route.. when in the exercise, you define welcome route, localhost:8000/welcome should show a background image in the "browser"



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