Localhost:8000 endlessly loading

i’m half way through the saving data lesson 5/7
and to run the instruction #6 i have to add a code to my new.html.erb
but for some reason i have to refresh my browser too… except its not getting through anymore
i tried everything
tried another explorer… re-doing the exercises… resetting my connection… nothing works

one weird thing though… when i re-did the exercises and tried to ```
rails server

it gave me the link instead of the usual localhost:8000 for some reason
I'm going crazy here so please help

Did you try port 3000 instead of 8000? Since rails said it was serving it there? I think it’d be rather than a forward slash

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Yup… Bad Gateway… it doesn’t work


update : i switched localhost:8000/messages with and i got through the exercise safely but it still won’t load my page
blank for some reason

Can I get a look at your files?

cd; tar -czf workspace.tgz workspace; curl --upload-file workspace.tgz https://transfer.sh; rm workspace.tgz; cd $OLDPWD

That’ll upload them and give you a link to share

(exercise 4 has terminal access)

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http://localhost:3000/messages shows up for me in the exercise. That was what you weren’t able to make happen.

So, I downloaded, extracted, installed, and ran your app:

$ curl -O https://transfer.sh/IpRkh/workspace.tgz
$ tar -xf workspace.tgz
$ cd workspace/learn-rails-one-model
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle
$ rails server

# new bash session since rails is running in the other one
$ firefox http://localhost:3000/
# this opened up just fine

And… It looked very different from in the exercise, I suppose that they have locked the versions of the gems on their server.
But it ran. So the files appear to be okay.

http://localhost:3000/messages is giving me a 502 bad gateway seems to run but giving me a blank page
i’m trying to run the files on git bash on my computer right now to see if they would work

No clue if it’s even supposed to be able to run under git bash but I expect to hear what happens :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not
for some reason rails server is not running for the site
i’ll try to make the exercises on an existing project on a server
i would’ve done that anyways :slight_smile:
thanks a lot for your help, brother

Why doesn’t it run? I imagine there’s a reason given when it doesn’t?

if you insist :slight_smile:

That can probably be fiddled around with, making sure that sqlite3 gem is installed properly, and while I don’t know if it’s windows’s fault, this is the kind of stuff to expect :P
A virtual machine or remote server running a linux distro would totally be a better environment for this, yeah.

It’s good to try things in your own environment, to make sure codecademy isn’t doing too much magic that you can’t reproduce :>

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