Localhost:8000 doesn't work. Error Message "not found"



I finished the course "learn Ruby on Rails" The last tasks gave me the Error "Not Found".
So I started rails authentication. 1. task was, "bundle install", 2. rail server and then look at localhost: 8000. And then in the browser i had to click something, but i couldn't cause it displayed the message "Not found".

Pls help me out


Hi @meti,

I've reported this as a bug to the staff, and suggest you do the same through the form below the instructions.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


doesn't work for me either


I just experienced the same issue, but even with the "Learn Ruby on Rails" courses I was battling the same issue throughout the course. It's hard to know if you're coding correctly when you cannot view how your code renders on the browser. The whole time I thought I messed something up, but I kept passing the lessons.

I was hoping the RoR "Ruby on Rails: Authentication" would be different, but right off the cuff on the third step of lesson 1 "Not Found" again. I filed a bug hopefully it gets patched so I can keep learning Rails.


Same issue here. Very first task on Ruby on Rails... localhost:8000 gets me a "Not Found" message in the browser.


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