Local Setup of SQLite

Hello there!
I have successfully installed the SQLite server on my windows laptop, but unable to run SQL commands perfectly,
When I tried to type commands it doesn’t show any results.
Look at the screenshot I am attaching with!!
Screenshot (249)|690x388

don’t you need a semi-colon to close a statement? If I look here:


I see semi-colons at the end of each statement. Which is great, you can put your statement on multiple lines if you want (more readability)



In addition to @stetim94’s observation, it looks like you never opened up your database.

As you can see, SQLite is telling you that you are in a transient in-memory database, which is the default if you don’t specify a specific db:

If you look at the first line of your SQLite prompt, the command you gave was simply acs-1-year-2015.sqlite. This is your database name, but it’s not a command. In the line directly above that, you can see instructions on what you need to do:

Use “.open FILENAME” to reopen on a persistent database.

So, to open your db, you should give SQLite the command:
.open acs-1-year-2015.sqlite

Got it!!
I didn’t follow the rules shown there!!
Thank you for the help!!
I cleared it out!!

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