Local Host


This may be a common question and I apologise if there’s an obvious answer and It’s been asked countless times but how do I create a local host to display my code?



You first need to understand what localhost is:


or find another good article/guide if you like. You need to grasp what localhost does

there are countless pieces of software which allow you to set up/configure a network service, depending on the language(s) you intent to use. There isn’t one fixed answer to your question

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Thank you for the response. I will look into it. So it shouldn’t make a difference what software I’m using to write the code in? e.g. Visual Studio

When I’m watching tutorials it sometimes looks like the local host is a part of the software and the person in the tutorial will be able to run the code from the software to the server.

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no, that doesn’t matter.

software is very broad term. But yes, when creating back-ends of websites, running the server locally (using localhost loopback) is very common practice. But there are so many programs can do this. Npm, docker, virtual machines, some frameworks (django for example) come with there own local development server (simple webserver written in python)

it wouldn’t surprise me if certain text-editors do offer support to manipulate the web server through the text-editor.