Local host 8000

I keep seeing this local 8000 host instead of my coding on the right side of my screen, I only have a little bit of code in my editor and I don’t have any mistake showing /;

Hello @joshjay2,
I don’t know why is this happening it seems to be an internet connection problem. Try reloading the page.

And you should know what localhost is.

See what wpbeginner.com says:

In computer networking localhost literally means “this computer”. When you type a URL into your browser, you are essentially connecting to a “host” computer somewhere else in the world. This computer serves you the web page that you requested. If you type “localhost” into your browser, however, then your browser will know that you want to connect to the computer you are currently using.

Here localhost means that you are viewing the files present on your computer in the browser.
You are just accessing your own files.
Take it like a server which is not open to others to access.

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