Local Group but Within a Different Country 😃

Hello guys, so I really do not want to bother you with nonsense questions. I am a student in Atılım University in Turkey/Ankara, and we find your coding site after research. We thougth that if we can create a group in our university. Do we have a chance to do that?

When you say a group within Codecademy do you mean specifically the Forums or within codecademy itself? Actually this is pretty vague so if you’d like to pursue something like this it would be fantastic if you could be specific as to the following:

  • What are you attempting to gain (be it a group that is funded by your school to give Codecademy Pro to its students)
  • What is the impact that having a group would be as opposed to having regular (non-Pro) accounts
  • How would you like this to impact us on our end. (Be it a section within Codecademy Forums dedicated to your school, badge for students (perhaps a University badge) or any other similar additions.

Keep in mind that even with all of this information it is up to the Codecademy Staff to decide what the final say is in regards to whether or not any changes will be made if any. This does not come down to me, or any other strictly moderator or admin within the forums.

I hope this helps!



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Presuming some of the answers to lolman’s questions, if you want to run a free in-person study group in Ankara for Codecademy content with some support from us, you can find some details and contact us here.

I understand your concens about this. However, we want to do something never done, actually you can call our poject as a partnership.

Our main goal is to creating a N/I (Not Included) coding lessons for everyone. As you know the perception of ’ Innovation Era’ changed nearly everything. Technology (especially software parts of it) turned into a worldwide phenomenon in just 2 years. So, in order to cope with this change, we thougth that if we can make a protocol between two institutions, Atılım University and Code Academy. The benefits of this are various, it can give you to spread your enterprise in another country and a chance to create a diverse platform that can combine different ideas and thougths in respect to develop yourselves.

In your website, I could not find any contact mail of a high-level manager to talk further discussions. So, if you interested in our project, please contact me througth the e-mail down below.

[email protected]

Kind regards,

Berkay MAKAS

I am in China, So ? Seems there is no local meetup. :sweat:

@chinese_scorpions, you can easily make a meetup in your city, and we’ll support you as best we can in doing so!

If you’d like to contact Codecademy, the best way to do so is here. Please note that we receive hundreds of messages and dozens of partnership requests a day, so A) it takes time for us to respond B) with partnership requests, we’ll reply if it seems like it may be something that is mutually beneficial and in line with Codecademy’s goals.