Loading Project from Text Editor Into Browser


I recently completed the exercise Piano Keys as part of the Web Development Skill course.

I copied the code into my text editor and saved all the files into folders on my terminal.

I wanted to load it into the web browser. I dragged my index.html file onto Google browser and it didn’t load. It just said file was not found.

This is strange because in the past I have been able to load projects in the broswer when building web pages.

Can someone explain why this is happening?

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To open the page in a browser, click the filename.

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When I click on index.html and open with Google Chrome it only renders the following:


Are you clicking the file name in Windows Explorer or Finder?

Could it be hidden file name extensions? If you haven’t already, try showing these extensions via finder or file settings and your file name might read something like “index.html.txt” actually.


This is a problem with the way Windows chooses to handle file extensions. In the future, be sure to (in notepad) go to file -> save as -> change the file type at the bottom to all types then add .html to the end of your filename.