Loading never ends


When I click on "Run", it's loading but even after 10 minutes, I'm stuck at the same exercise 1.3.Routing.
Did this error happenned to anyone else? Is this a bug from the website? I checked if it was because of my connection and it's not, I refreshed the page many times and it still doesn't work... I also closed the window, diconnected from my account and nothing.


I have the exact same problem. I'm stuck on this lesson just as you are. Anybody help?

1.In app.js between the .when() and .otherwise(), add another .when() that maps the URL /photos/:id to the controller PhotoController and the template views/photo.html.

It won't load after completing this task.


After reloading i was somehow able to click 'Next' and the problem is now gone.


I was having the same issue on Chrome, so I tried doing the exercise on Firefox, and it worked just fine. Hope this helps!


Yes, it helps. Thanks!

It seems to be fine on Firefox, although every time I want to see my progress i have to click 'save', then page goes blank and I have to click 'save' once again and it works.


Thank you very much for your replies! I'll try it :slight_smile:


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