Lloyd name key does not have "Lloyd"


11. Student becomes teacher

Oops, try again.
The name key does not have the value "Lloyd" in your lloyd dictionary.

I should have these filled out correctly to make the proper dictionaries. What am I missing? I'm sure it's something simple but I'm just not seeing it.

llyod={"name": ["Lloyd"], "homework":[], "quizzes":[], "tests":[],} 
alice = {"name": ["Alice"], "homework":[], "quizzes":[], "tests":[],} 
tyler = {"name": ["Tyler"], "homework":[], "quizzes":[], "tests":[],}


Hi remove the [] around your students name


should be



why we should not use brackets around the name? (I mean [])
So this is true: "cat": ["meow", "purr"]
and this is not true: "cat": ["meow"]



Hey maybe I can shed some light on why.

["Lloyd"] doing this is like telling python that you want to store a list containing one string "Lloyd" to be the value of the key "name" : which is incorrect.

Think of it logically for example if you wanted to print out your name into the console would you say `

print ["r-kouhi"]

Or just

print "r-kouhi'


Hi you wanr to the name string like the instruction says..
Have the "name" key be the name of the student (that is, lloyd's name should be "Lloyd") and the other keys should be an empty list. (We'll fill in these lists soon!)
so you if you do it like that

lloyd = {
    "name": ["Lloyd"],

your are seting to the key name a list with one value which is "Lloyd" instead of the string of the name of your student so that why it should be like that

lloyd = {
    "name": "Lloyd",



you wrote llyod instead of lloyd


The instructions are really confusing. The key "name" should be corresponding to the function (Lloyd, Alice, AND Tyler) and be setup as a string value.

nameOfPersion = {
"name": "nameOfPerson",
"homework": [],
"quizzes": [],
"tests": [],



Yes it is confusing.When it says make a list containing lloyd, alice, tyler it actualy refers to the dictionaries with those names, so

So students=[lloyd, alice, tyler] is not raising error