Live help/ Only this website help? please read insidei am bad with words

I was wondering I am taking Programming CMIS141 class and I need help with that class Not to do it for me but help. or they only help here with This website Material? I am learning now hello world and alot more they going by fast since there is alot info and i cant keep up.

do you live help? or just posting at forums?

public class MyFirstHello
	public static void main (String[] args)
		System.out.println("My first Hello");




if i run your code here:

its working fine, i had to rename MyFirstHello, given repl saves the file as and i can’t change the file name, so what exactly is your question?

I guess if you helped with all coding or only that pertains to this webiste.
Also the words MyfirstHello do they need match nex to class and the ones in ""
Also does this website offer live help or just posts?

we have a corner bar, i moved your topic there, given this is the place for questions not related to codecademy exercises

next to class refers to what? you mean the main method?

the ones in "" is named a string, and no, that is just a string you want to print, this could be anything.

Codecademy has a free Java course, i would recommend you to follow this course

So i can put anything next to public class and put complete different stuff at “”? so whats the point of the word after public class what does it do?

I know the ones on “” they will show up on screen. what does ^^^^^^^ up there does

Reason I am asking i am taking a class. that probably teachers differently than you do(website) can I still come here for help with my class or is only related to this website.

its not that simple, public class MyFirstHello should be stored in a file named, its not just that you can do everything you wish.

if you change the public class, you need to rename the file as well. This has to do with how Java is compiled

what you saying it whatever is written after public class lets say hello. thats how i should safe my file? regardless what code i wrote inside?

yep, as explained here:

feel free to find chapter 2 and 4 if you want more in-depth analyses.

I still didnt get an answer if they do live help or just on forums. also if they help all codding or only codding on this webisode.

because I will have lots of questions

public class Awesome
public static void main(String[] args)
System.out.println(“Thank you for your help”);

You can make topics with your questions which are not related to codecademy in the corner bar

but if you have so many questions, not all might be answered. We would recommend you to take the java course here on codecademy (or any other site for that matter), or documentation.

Or recommend to find the discussion board for CMIS141

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