Little problem with Javascript


Hey everyone,
An hour ago i began javascript lessons, and now, the exercice is to find my name in a text.
But when i click the " verify your answer" button, the page freeze, and i can only close it. Am i the only one with that problem ? Do anyone have a solution ?


Seems like your having an infinite loop. Could you post your code? Also pls press the Q&A button on the specific exercise this makes it easier to identify the exercise your working on than just using the javaScript categorie.


var texte = "Je vais chercher du pain a la boulangerie antoine viens avec moi"

var monNom = "antoine"

var trouve = []

for ( var i = 0; i = texte.length; i++){

here is my code, but even when i change it, nothing happen.
thanks for the advice, never had any problems before, didn't know what to do


This part of your for loop seems to be the problem. What it should do is to check whether i < texte.length which means check if you're not already at the last letter of the text. But what it does is that it assigns the length of your text to i. I don't want to count but I assume that it is more than 0 and any number except 0 is treated as true when used in a condition. So to get rid of the freezing you need to adjust this condition.


oh yeah just changed it, it's good, thanks !