Little idea for the Codecademy developers

Hi everyone

When I joined Codecademy almost 1 year ago, it hit me immediately that you can’t skip parts of a course. I’ve learned before at Sololearn and I liked the feature a lot. So, is there someone who want to include this very handy feature because I really miss that in Codecademy’s courses.

Thanks in advance
Nickmans Rob

Hi @nickmansrob,

I’ve also used the sololearn app and I don’t think that feature is helpful to someone learning how to code and here’s why: When someone is learning how to code it’s like learning how to ride a bike. So you can’t just take the training wheels off, or stop holding them altogether and expect them to be a good rider. It’s the same for coding, any skipped lesson comes back to bite an aspiring programmer in the future.

But that’s only my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @dave.n

There you’ve got a point. But I would use it because I’ve do the HTML and CSS course but since they are splitted, I need to restart those courses. I know already the basics of HTML so I would be very happy with this feature.

Thanks though for your reaction!!