Little grey, vertical lines in the code. Looks organized

I noticed that when codecademy puts the code in in a lesson there are little, grey, vertical lines that show everything lining up. However, when I write the code those lines don’t appear. Is there a way to make those lines show up?

you must start a new line like this:

then keep hitting the spacebar to make spaces. they don’t show up on here though.

Use the tab key to indent then you don’t need to keep on hitting space bar :slight_smile:

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I’m using the tab key but nothing I do makes these great little organizing lines appear. Anyone know the magic?

Tab key indents only.

The lines will appear by pressing enter.

Go to a line with code press enter and you will see it :slight_smile:

It may also vary by browser. On OS X, I can see them with Chrome and Safari but not Firefox.

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Thanks @albionsrefuge I didn’t even think of that :wink:

It took me a while before I noticed it.

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