Litte very biginners problem

Hi There! I started very recently and I am already getting stucked :-(!
I am doing “Learn Html and CSS”, part 10: Linking at will.
I am supposed to trasform the image in a link, and I am doing exacty waht is written to do, but something must be wrong coz I cant go further…
Would anyone help me? Very much appreciated :slight_smile:
I tried to copy the html lines in hier but I cant… coz as a new user I cant post images… I hope you can help me anyway! Thank you!
Cheers, Laura

Hey Laura,

Could you explain why you cannot go further? Are you getting an error message?
If yes, what is it?

Could you please post the link to the exercise?

And try pasting your code in here, you can format the code using </> in the menu above the text area.

(And welcome to Codecademy by the way)

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thank you so much for getting back to me! I tried again and I actually could go further! yeah!

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