Literally, just started the JS tutorials and getting stuck!? Hints not helping



In the instructions it tells you to ask the user where they are from. Not what is their name.

prompt("Where are you from");


Ok, so now that I typed exactly what the example was, what is the explanation?


And for the ■■■■ of it, I asked Where they were from as instructed. Still not working...


Realized I left the semicolon out...and still same error.


Now what? Thanks for your help...


try refreshing your browser and then putting in only the:

prompt("Where are you from?");

hope this helps


does your browser give you a prompt?


Logged out of CA, refreshed the browser, logged back in, went to current lesson...still didn't work. I am running Google Chrome for browser..


why there is an ")" in you sentence? maybe it's the thing?


Were you referring to the code that I had typed? I don't see that in any of my posts.


Do you have a strict pop-up blocker running?


Turned off all pop-up blockers. Still same message.


Okay, good. Back to what @thingsofyourmind asked earlier, are you seeing the popup with your prompt in it? -- I'm not sure if you answered that yet.


I am not seeing anything pop up with my prompt.


try in a different browser, that might help


Ha, it works on IE9...the worst browser available. Thanks @thingsofyourmind!