"Lists + Functions" - What am I doing wrong?


I cannot see how the way I did it is incorrect.


  1. Write a function that counts how many times the string “fizz” appears in a list.
    -Write a function called fizz_count that takes a list x as input.
    -Create a variable count to hold the ongoing count. Initialize it to zero.
    -for each item in x:, if that item is equal to the string “fizz” then increment the count variable.
    -After the loop, please return the count variable.
    For example, fizz_count([“fizz”,“cat”,“fizz”]) should return 2.

x = [“fizz”,“shizz”,“dizz”,“fizz”,“biz”,“fizz”]
def fizz_count(x):
[indent]count = 0
[indent]for variable in x:
[indent][indent]if variable == “fizz”:
[indent][indent][indent]count = count + 1
return count

The error I’m getting comes from “return count” - SyntaxError: ‘return’ outside function
It suggests to me it doesn’t know what I’m trying to return. It thinks “count” is some random function not associated with anything in the code I wrote… but it is right there, in the function I defined.

This cryptic bit at the end of the instructions that says “For example, fizz_count([“fizz”,“cat”,“fizz”]) should return 2.” is probably relevant. I’m confused about why their list is in parentheses and brackets… Also, I just defined a function called “fizz_count” I can’t then also define a variable called fizz_count… and even if I did, that wouldn’t suddenly make my code correct would it? I could call it “n” and the code would be equally incorrect.


To be inside the function, that line needs also to be indented like those above it.


Oh god, that’s so simple. Thank you.


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