Lists + Functions question- A day at the supermarket


Somehow this code works, I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to return 2, but instead I got and still passed the lesson.

Not sure if bug or it's simply just correct


def fizz_count(x):
    count = 0
    for word in x:
        if word == "fizz":
            count = count + 1
    return count
fizz_count(["fizz", "cat", "fizz"])
print fizz_count

if this is right, I would like an explanation because I just followed the example format but substituted other words in.
If it's a bug, well....I dunno



a function call requires parentheses, between the parentheses supply an argument if needs be.


now it will print "2" .u need to store value of "fizz_count(["fizz", "cat", "fizz"])" in any variable after doing thatif u will print that variable it will work fine....


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