Lists are necessary in dictionnaries?


Good evening everyone,

Link to the exercise I am stuck on:

(I wont be posting everything all the code to avoid confusion)

My first code:
lloyd ={'name': 'lloyd', 'homework' :, 'quizzes': ,'tests': }

the "screen" (Please, tell me what's the actual name. :stuck_out_tongue: ) said syntax error line 1.

So I thought about seperating them

lloyd ={
'name': 'lloyd', "homework": , 'quizzes': ,'tests': }

the message gave me syntax error line 2, then I put ("homework":, ... ) in line 3. at first I thought 'homework' was the name of an exisiting list or index or something so I changed it (same reaction), and removed it afterwards.
same problem (line 3 syntax error, aka quizzes part is the problem)

Now this is how I got over the problem:
lloyd ={
'name': 'lloyd',
'homework':'' ,
'quizzes':"" ,
'tests': []}

My question is, I am guessing we are supposed to fill the gap with a string or an empty list. What's going to happen ...

nvm I got my answer, I thought, might be helpful to others stuck in same problem. (Should I not do this next time?)


lloyd {, not lloyd ={


codecademy will fill the gap , we are here to code , to learn


I don't think that how we code dict !!


Please elaborate. I couldn't understand what you said. :slight_smile:


i said that codecademy will fill the gab ( of every list ) in the next exercise.
homework is empty list like tests and also quizzezs

if this generate an error , upper case the first letter