Lists and Functions


Oops, try again. list_function([3, 6]) returned [3, 8, 7] instead of [3, 9]

Oops, try again. list_function([0, 3]) returned [3, 8, 7] instead of [0, 6]

Oops, try again. list_function([4, 2]) returned [3, 8, 7] instead of [4, 5]

i think the funtion change the valor of the second element to the list, and i think the code do this well, and i understand the code is ok , but the web return my a error
and when i try to save and submit same code again , the error change.

def list_function(x):
    return n

n = [3, 5, 7]
print list_function(n)


yes, it does, you did this right

then you should return the modified list, in which variable is the modified list stored? And are you returning this variable/modified list?


i think the problem is i dont understand correctly the instructions .
the instructions say:
Change list_function so that:

1┬║Add 3 to the item at index one of the list.
2┬║Store the result back into index one.
i dont understand this part , i supose when put this line
they do first and second instruction at the same time .
i am wrong?
3┬║Return the list.
return n

for my i follow the instructions but i do anything wrong


the point of a function is that it will work for multiply lists:

def list_function(x):
    print x

n = [3, 5, 7]
o = [1,2,3]
p = [4,5,6]
q = [7,8,9]

see how we supply different lists as argument on function call? And how this lists are then stored in the function parameter x?

So then we modify the list x, we should also return x


thanks you very much , i understand now . my problem are no understand correctly the instruction 3.
1┬║Add 3 to the item at index one of the list.
(tthis list aren n= [3, 5, 7] )
2┬║Store the result back into index one.
(that is no at probllem )
3┬║Return the list.
(but this list are not n= [3, 5, 7] )
(are a list for store the list with modifiquet arguments)
my problem are no understand the instructions .
thanks for your help


no, the list you need to return is in x ( the function parameter)

Function can be a bit confusing


yes i understand x is the new list like n list but have modificated items by the funtion . and the funtion work in every list what i pass to arg in funtion . now they work


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