Hi I am a new user, and I struggle with processing things quickly. The one thing I have found particularly hard with codecademy, is that unlike most “learning sites” you do not have a “listening mode”. Now, listening modes are helpful to me because it allows me to process the words in multiple ways. You could say “Well why don’t you just read it out to yourself?” well that doesn’t work. When I am reading something out it takes up more of my brains processing and it slows me even further. So what I am asking is that If it is possible to integrate a listening mode so that things are read out to you. copy and pasting into google translate is slow and annoying, the way they speak is unnatural and split up. Thankyou

If there is already something like this on the site, could you please direct me to it. Thankyou!


this is known as TTS, not something codecademy offers so far I know. But there are browser extensions which can do this: