I am not being able to solve the step 3 and step 4. IT includes toggling the .glyphicon-star class with action class. Also Step 4 includes removing the < p> from the html when clicked. Did anyone solve it? Plz reply the solution.


Hey Tamoghna,

To toggle a class, you can use the jQuery toggleClass('class-name') function.
To remove a certain tag when clicked, you can do something like:

$('tag').click(function() {

I haven't done that exercise though, and so please let me know if you need any more help, and I'll take a look at it :)

ListEasy project: removing item - task 4

I completed it. Thanks anyways.

Do u know how to add .autocomplete() feature to JQuery?
Its a project and i am having trouble.
It said to add an inline-form.So i added it as < form class="form-inline">
< input id="tags">
< /form>

and i called the id as
where city was an array I created.


If you're interested, you can do that in just HTML with <datalist> :)
Otherwise, you'll need to make sure you're including jQuery UI in your code, after jQuery, but before your other JS file.


The last step didn't seem complete. How do you remove dynamically added html? It said to use .on() instead of click() but there has to be more to it. Ideas?


@webwhiz47102 I'm not really sure what you're asking, but would you mind creating a new topic and asking over there? That way we can answer your question without cluttering up this one :)


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